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Our Chairman

chairman1Mr. Mohamed Omar, honourable chairman of the Culmination Group,  has been proved to be a well aware business intellect by successfully creating and leading many enterprises since he graduated. Finally, his passion for the international trade, and contacts throughout the Globe have driven him in the formation of the Culmination Group to bring you the products and services that may be out of your reach.

A sociable, friendly and insightful person, Mr. Omar along with his team always travel extensively to discover the best sources of products and setting their smooth transportation to your yard. His concern for caring his parties’ interest keeps him awake searching every alternative that may go in favour of his valued counterparts.

This is a short note from the Culmination Group team about its chairman to rest you assured that you are approaching a right person and a right team to get your international trade done with not only utmost professionalism but also a humane care.