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Amal El Gohary Ahmed(Ph.D. Chemical Process Engineering University of Cairo, Egypt)

She has 26 years of experience as a chemical process technician in various industries. She is also an experienced company consultant in the most important industrial sectors her oral and written English and  German language skills are highly proficient. She also has Professional software and programming knowledge in the chemical field.
She was Project Assistant, Vienna University of Technology 06/2009 – 12/2015

She also worked in Promotion of energy efficiency and the introduction of renewable energy sources in the formal industry. Process evaluation and optimization (energy and material flow), Cleaner Production, management systems, quality management systems (ISO 9000, six sigma), environmental management systems (ISO 14000), project management, maintenance Planning, project development in the field of industrial development, conception and execution of trainings. She was a project assistant, BOKU Vienna 01/2007 – 09/2008 and treatment of olive oil wastewater.
She was a Researcher and Lecturer 06/1989 – 09/2003 on Nuclear Research Center (NRC) Inshas, ​​Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant, Metallurgy Dept. Atomic Energy Authority / Egypt
She also has experience and expertise on following arena:
• Studies on mixer-settler dynamics in solvent extraction in the atomic bomb
• Studies on theoretical and applied techniques in membrane separation and their applications
• Application of membrane processes in desalination and other areas
• Process modeling and simulation analysis
• Characterization methods of UO2 powder and fuel pellets in cooperation with the German government
• Production of nuclear fuels for CANDU reactors
• Characterization and quality control of Sintered UO2 pellets
• Quality control and quantity assurance of CANDU fuel rods
• Support for optimizing the parameters of the TIG welding of fuel rods