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Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company has totally exemption/low tax. No filing of accounts or submitting annual returns is required after the offshore has been incorporated in most jurisdictions/countries. Many jurisdictions in many regions over the world allowed which not restricted on your nationality, many banks over the world allowed opening bank account for your offshore company and then do business internationally with freedom. Almost law of jurisdictions/countries we offered protects the confidentiality of the Shareholder(s), Director(s) and the offshore companies.


How to Setup your Offshore Company?

Step 1: Offshore Company Formation/Incorporation, initially our Relationship Managers team will ask you have to provide the detailed information of the Shareholder/Director’s names and information. You can select level of services you need, normal about 1 to 3 working days or a working day in urgent case. Furthermore, give the proposal company names so that we can check the eligibility of company name in each jurisdiction/country’s Company Registry/Company House.

Step 2: You settle the payment for Our Service fee and official Government Fee required for your selected jurisdiction/country. We accept payment by Credit/Debit Card  visa1  or Wire Transfer to our bank account (Payment Guidelines).

Step 3: After collecting full information from you, Offshore Company Corp will send you a digital version (Certificate of Incorporation, Register of Shareholders/Directors, Share Certificate, Memorandum of Association and Articles etc.) via email. Full Offshore Company kit will courier to your resident address by express (TNT, DHL or UPS etc.).

You can open bank account for your company in European other jurisdictions supported offshore bank accounts! You are freedom international money transfer under your offshore company.

Your Offshore Company formation completed, ready to do international business!


Client agrees to pay the fees charged by Culmination Consulting GmbH. Culmination Consulting GmbH schedule of fees can be found in the price list available on the website of
Culmination Consulting GmbH starts an execution phase only after the receipt of the full payment of the fees. All fees and charges are payable in the currency nominated by Culmination Consulting GmbH, it is Euro.

We offer 2 methods of payment as below:

1. Pay by Bank Wire Transfer


  • Bank name: Erste Bank
  • Account Name: Culmination Consulting GmbH
  • Account Number: IBAN: AT29 2011 1822 4040 3400
  • Bank Address: Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG (Erste Bank Oesterreich)
    Am Belvedere 1
    A-1100 Vienna
  •  Phone: +43(0)5 0100 – 10100
  • Fax: +43(0)5 0100 9 – 10100
  • E-Mail:
  • BIC (Swift) Code: GIBAATWWXXX
  • Bank Code: BLZ 20111

Note: Invoice number must be provided together with payment. If you are paying for multiple invoices, please provide all invoice numbers in full and separated by ” / ” with a space before and after.

2. Pay by Credit/Debit Card Guidelines
For your convenience, payments may now be made over the Internet using your Credit/Debit card.payment

List of Credit Card we accepted for this option:


When you go to payment page, you have provide to us:
1. Your billing information: relate to Billing person name, Country, ZIP code.
2. Your credit card information: Relate to Credit Card number, Expiry date, CVV or CVC Information you provided over secured connection TLS/SSL, we are comply with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) for your transaction.

If you have any questions regarding credit card transactions, please contact:
If your transaction is processed successfully you will see confirmation page.
If your transaction is declined, you will see the following decline page. The decline pages will vary depending on the reason for the rejection.
You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your payment has been validated and accepted.