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templatemo_image_01We welcome you to the Culmination Group Website, one stop destination for the international trading in Commodity Product,Raw Material, including Oil & Gas ,Petroleum Products and Equipments, Industrial Petrochemicals products, and Tourism, Civil, and Commercial as Turnkey Project and any Support Services.

Culmination Group is able to consistently offer a wide range of products in exclusivity. In addition, the management team, headed by the Chairman Mr Mohammed Omar have many years of experience within the international markets along with our branches in the globe and in consideration to the direct concessions enabling us to offer products at excellent service.Over the years, Culmination Group has built an impressive portfolio of international clients, through our ability to perform expert co-ordination and prompt supply of international contracts. We pride ourselves on our ability to pay special individual attention to each client, and to produce “tailor-made” turn key project, in Waste and Water Treatment, Power Station, Crusher Plant and Real Estate, suitable to every customer.

For more details please take a look at the dedicated sections with related presentation and specification for each material and turn key projects in the hope that you will find of interest to your company or clients. Additionally, we invite you to send us all your current requirements, even for products not enumerated on our product list, by completing our Enquiry Form. Being a progressive company we will continue to expand and improve on our product list.